10 Years Running: A Higher Purpose


By Keith Haugrud September 1, 2011 Sign up and get your own FREE Well being Journal as our many thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy | About Us New to running? Start slow (and finish quick) with the 5-K Jumpstart plan from Runner’s Globe For the last few years, on the anniversary of 9/11, I’ve done the ...

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Funky Fitness Footwear


By Emily Grams. W. Chau July 18, 2011 1/8 Thinkstock Clothes may make the man, but when you are looking at getting the most from your workout, what’s on your ft might take your own further. Sports companies possess released a variety of smart shoes that claim that will help you stand higher, reduce the risk of injury, and even ...

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The Official Non-Training Guide


By Christie Aschwanden August Eighteen, 2011 Sign up and get your FREE Well being Journal because our many thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy | About Us After nine years aside, she returned to biking in 2009 with a new, far more relaxed philosophy. “I listen to my body as well as tailor my workouts to fit ...

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Half-Marathon Training Plan for Rookies


August Nine, 2011 Sign upward and get your own FREE Wellness Journal because our many thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Coverage | About Us Rest/XT: Preferably, do no exercise. Nonimpact cross-training like stretching out, yoga, or even swimming is okay. (Run down? Check out 10 Signs You Need a Rest Day) EZ Run: Run at a conversational ...

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Improve Flexibility (and Cool Off) by Stretching in the Pool


By Paige Greenfield August 1, 2011 1/7 Stephen Frink After an extended run on a hot day, few things feel good than diving into a swimming pool. But why stop at cooling off? If you take your stretching routine underwater, you’ll be able to transfer your important joints and braches through a wider range of motion–and along with greater control–compared ...

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Hot Performance Gear


August 10, 2011 1/6 Kent Pell Athleta Swift Zip Skort ($44) A generous freezer on both sides seam enables custom exposure of gams or even stride accommodation. Made from a stretch-woven fabric, it features a wide-knit waistband and mesh boy shorts beneath. More: Is a 13.1-miler in your long term? Start instruction today using the Half-Marathon Jumpstart strategy from ...

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Are You Ready to Run Your First Half?


By Bob Cooper July 30, 2011 Sign up and obtain your Totally free Wellness Diary as our thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy | About Us Not sure if half-marathon training is for a person? Try this two-week jumpstart plan and discover! Q: How do I follow the half-marathon training strategy?A: As closely as possible. However, you ...

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Short Efforts, Big Time Results


By Chris Carmichael August 31, This year Sign up and obtain your FREE Wellness Journal as our thanks! You might unsubscribe anytime. Privacy Policy | Regarding Us Find a road lined with telephone rods spaced pretty much equidistantly. At the first pole, begin riding as quickly as you can. Rewrite easy whenever you reach pole four; start the next period ...

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Lifting 2.0: Upgrade Your Workout


By David L'Heureux Oct 14, This year 1/7 Thinkstock Get Going in the Get-go You wouldn’t use an outdated version of your web browser or preferred application, so why are you doing the same tired workout? Much like software, weight-lifting routines need the periodic upgrade. Through eccentric quasi isometrics (more on that later on) and farmer’s walks to diamond ring ...

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Low-Impact Workouts with a Big Calorie Burn


September Two, 2011 1/9 Corbis Want to torch more calories–while keeping sensitive knees and joints intact? Get reduced. The key to using the best of both worlds is keeping the workout effect low whilst bumping up intensity, states certified personal trainer Neal I. Pire, CSCS, FACSM, leader of Encourage Training Methods in Nj. “It’s a big bang for your buck ...

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