8-Minute Abs


April 12, 2011 Sign upward and get your own FREE Well being Journal as our many thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy | About Us Torch body fat with this program from Turbulence Training developer Todd Ballantyne, C.S.C.Utes. Do This: Perform these types of exercises as a circuit. Rest for one minute only after completing all four. ...

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VIDEO: Running Postpartum

April 19, 2011 Sign upward and get your own FREE Wellness Journal because our thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy | About Us Running Postpartum:

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Yes, You Can Be a Triathlete


By Rachel Sturtz May Thirteen, 2011 Sign upward and get your own FREE Wellness Journal as our many thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Coverage | About Us Fire your metabolism and eat right for competition day using the Women’s Wellness Diet Why Tri?Watch any triathlon and you will see slim legs, flat abs, and sculpted arms whizzing ...

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34 Things You Have to Know About Bikes


By Matt Phillips 04 29, 2011 Sign up and get your Totally free Wellness Diary as our thanks! You may unsubscribe anytime. Privacy Policy | Regarding Us What is an incorporated bottom bracket? A BB with bearings built directly into the frame’s BB shell instead of relying on cups which thread, or even are pushed, into the frame to secure ...

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VIDEO: Overcoming Marathon Training Obstacles

May 20, 2011 Sign up and get your own FREE Wellness Journal because our many thanks! You may remove yourself from list at any time. Privacy Coverage | About Us Training Update: Jenny Lyzinski: Training Update: Angie Kinsey: Training Update: Linda Romer:

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Find Your Perfect Pair of Running Socks


By Sarah Bowen Shea May 25, 2011 1/13 Mitch Mandel To assist you to zero in on the perfect pair of operating socks, we recruited One hundred Portland-area runners to sort through all the features of Twenty six different models. The testers ran everything from 5-Ks up to ultras, on street and on trail, as well as a few triathlons. ...

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8 Spectacular Waterfront Race Destinations


By David L'Heureux Might 26, This year 1/9 Courtesy of Ough.S. Road Sports Planning Your Next Running Vacation If you’re thinking of tying a 26.2 marathon or Thirteen.1-mile half to your next vacation, you have plenty of choices-destination racing is actually hotter than ever. Scenic waterfront locales usually make vacation-and running-more pleasant, so why not set your places on an ...

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The Worst Summer Exercise Mistakes


By Emily Grams. W. Chau 06 10, This year 1/12 Thinkstock You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know come july 1st is going to be a hot one. Outdoor exercise is the perk of warmer days, but when temperatures skyrocket, you are at and the higher chances for lack of fluids, sunburn, and even chafing. But remaining safe ...

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Take Your Lifting Routine to the Next Level


By P.J. Striet, C.Utes.C.S. May 26, 2011 1/9 Thinkstock Notre Dame soccer, The Situation, as well as crunches. What do the three share? Besides making your belly hurt, they are all overrated. Granted, the first is personal viewpoint, but the others? Not so much. Take ab crunches: These stomach crunches can give you visible results, but focusing primarily on them ...

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14 Superfoods and Nutrition Tips of the Tour de France


June 23, 2011 1/14 Thinkstock Nutritionally packed berry: Black or Green Tea Sports scientists at Rutgers University found that a nine-day supplement of black-tea draw out decreased delayed-onset muscle mass soreness following cycling intervals. “The black-tea extract cuts down on the oxidative stress of the exercises as well as speeds recuperation between times,” states assistant professor Shawn Arent, Expert degree. ...

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