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Best Workouts for Workaholics


By Angela Kwan March Three, 2011 1/7 Thinkstock Make Here we are at Fitness Finding time to climb the actual StairMaster can cause a challenge when you’re busy hiking the corporate step ladder. But those late evenings at the office can result in fatty takeout meals and gym shoes that never get laced–a double whammy for your midsection. Whether your ...

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The Best Summer Getaways for Fitness


By Alyssa Wells and David L'Heureux 03 25, 2011 1/10 Dave Silver If your workout experiences come vacation time, you’re not alone. But unless you’re injured or recovering, globetrotting is no reason for letting fitness fall off the chart. This list of travel destinations offers a variety of unique locales and activities that will broaden your own horizons as well ...

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The Essential Over 40 Workout


By Selene Yeager April 29, 2011 Sign up and get your FREE Well being Journal because our many thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Coverage | About Us These essential fibers, however, are the first to go as you get more mature (even if you’re active) because most workout routines don’t target them. If you don’t use them, ...

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Better-Body Bonuses


By Emily G. W. Chau May 6, 2011 1/7 Thinkstock Trim thighs and a taut belly aren’t the only benefits of striking the gym–regular sweat sessions also help to improve or prevent about 24 health conditions, highlights a new document in The Worldwide Journal associated with Clinical Practice. Here’s how getting physical scores you main body advantages. Tone Your Whole ...

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5 Pain-Relieving Yoga Poses


By Melissa Katz Might 18, This year Sign up and obtain your FREE Wellness Diary as the thanks! You might unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy | Regarding Us Performed correctly, yoga’s liquid movements allow swollen or else painful joints to glide easily over one another, increasing mobility and power without extra wear and tear, states Cynthia Maltenfort, a yoga ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Running for Weight Loss


By Sarah Lorge Butler along with Leslie Bonci as well as Bud Coates Might 13, 2011 Sign up and get your Totally free Wellness Diary as the thanks! You may unsubscribe anytime. Privacy Policy | About Us Learn everything you need to know about running for weight loss. Find out more! With running you’re including a new sport, new friends, ...

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Breakthrough Bottles


By Lisa Hoehn Might 20, 2011 1/7 Claire Benoist H20 2.0 We gave drinking water bottles a workout to find 6 that won’t slide, drip, or fail to maintain their cool. For Easy Cleansing 2/7 For Simple Cleaning Alex, 32 oz. ($30; Part: Bottle splits in halfOur Tester Stated: “I love that this bottle comes apart for cleaning ...

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Peek Inside a Clothing-Optional Duathlon


By Selene Yeager June 8, 2011 Sign up and get your FREE Wellness Journal as our thanks! You might unsubscribe anytime. Privacy Policy | About Us I parked about 50 yards from the transition area, reduce the engine, and sat-paralyzed. I don’t know if I can do this, I thought, while staring at nude racers loading their bicycles. This was ...

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Your Back: Test it, Build it


June 23, 2011 Sign upward and get your own FREE Well being Journal as our thanks! You may unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Coverage | About Us Dowdell uses the test to measure the strength endurance of the rhomboids minimizing and center trapezius; these back again muscles pull your neck down as well as together. A failing quality means you ...

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Ride Hard Terrain Harder


By Chris Carmichael 06 2, This year Sign up and get your FREE Wellness Journal as the thanks! You may unsubscribe anytime. Privacy Policy | Regarding Us Rolling Hills Try uphill accelerations: Start each hill in a gear that lets you ride at a sustainable pace. Gradually accelerate while you climb. When you crest the summit, your effort level should ...

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