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We checked in with a few of the fitness-specialists-for-hire at Find Your Coach, which lately launched in Los Angeles, to discover what to request both your self and your potential coach before you sign on the dotted line.

Read upon for their advice, and try to not be afraid to ask the tough questions—particularly when it comes to negotiating your burpee-to-water split ratio:

1. What'utes my intention? 
It's vital that you get clear on your goals before you can expect a trainer that will help you smash them. "I like to request my customers what they expect out of themselves and what these people expect out of me," says Ticia McIllwain, a former Plastic Valley corporate trainer that now life and functions in Los Angeles. "You want a trainer that is aware of your needs, your environment, your stress factors, and your why." It'utes also smart to seek out somebody who's an expert in what you want to achieve. "If you're practicing a marathon, you probably don'capital t want to bring in help who specializes in bodybuilding," adds LA-based trainer Dionne Fleming.

2. Who have been my best teachers? 
Believe it or not, your ideal trainer will likely be much like your beloved eighth grade the field of biology teacher. "I suggest to people to think about teachers, coaches, and bosses who have gotten a lot out of them," says John Kia, a Stanford grad as well as New York City-based exercise physiologist. "What was this about those who made a person respond? When you think you will need someone to berate you into turning up to do your workout, how long may that strategy actually work with time? Look to your personal past experiences to see exactly what might be the kind of approach that’lmost all get the most out of you."

3. Who do I like to hang out with? 
It might seem apparent, but you ought to (generally) anticipate spending time with your own trainer—that link is what will keep you returning, says Daray Hill, a former pro basketball participant who right now lives and works within NYC. "If you like being fun, choose a coach who will assist you to have fun. In the event that you're more severe, choose a coach who is serious. You need your own trainer to match your energy… Don't be afraid to inquire about questions about a trainer’s background their viewpoint."

For three more questions you should ask—including whether or not to go for a trainer, instructor, or coach—head over to Well+Good.

Originally written by Erin Magner for Well+Good.


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