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bound angle yoga pose


Photograph by Beth Bischoff
5 Yoga Poses for Steamier Intercourse

Yoga is already an established and effective method to reduce tension and slim down, but the ancient practice can also help to increase libido and improve overall performance, so it might be time to bring your om from the mat to the bed room. 

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The right moves can not only improve your flexibility, but can help stimulate blood flow and actually increase your sex drive. 

We caught up with yoga instructor Amy Elizabeth Mareno, who will be running the woman’s own Lovers Night: Yoga for Better Intercourse workshop with Wellvyl upon Saturday, Feb. 13, within New York City, on the best moves that you can do to help improve your sex life

Cobra Pose

cobra pose


Photograph by Janet Bischoff
Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra pose, or Bhujangasana, strengthens the muscles of the lumbar spine (lower back) as well as abdomen. During sex are of essential importance for bedroom endurance, no matter which position you're carrying out. By lifting the heart-center up and from the mat, as well as drawing the shoulders back, the chest area broadens to enhance the ability inhale deeper and control constant rhythms of the inhales and exhales. Having the ability to focus on a level rhythm of breathing in the heat of enthusiasm can help delay climax, permitting extended sessions.

Do it: Begin by laying face down on the pad. Press your own palms onto the floor, directly under your shoulder blades. Press the tops of the feet flat against the ground and tuck your tailbone down in towards your pelvis. On an inhale, lift your upper body up through pulling the shoulders back, sewing the neck in towards each other. Draw your consciousness to your belly, for 5 rounds of deep stomach breathing in and out through the nose. Breathe out slowly and deeply while you lower your self down, leading with the chest, until your face is recorded on the pad. 

Four-Limbed Pose & Planks Pose

plank pose


Photograph through Beth Bischoff
Four-Limbed Present & Plank Pose

Four-Limbed Pose & Plank Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana)

Arm as well as core power and endurance are foundational for missionary-based poses. Being able to consistently lower your self from Plank Pose in order to Chaturanga will enable you to hold yourself up without needing to have a fatigued rest from engaged passion. The combination of those postures solidify your core, helping you start and maintain powerful, yet smooth, motions. 

Do it: From Planks Pose, line up your shoulders slightly in front of the wrists and come onto the balls of the feet, bending the high heels to energize the quadriceps. Peel off the heart ahead. Inhale, pull the belly muscles upward and in toward the backbone. On the exhale, lower your body in one straight line, embracing the shoulder into the side body as they bend directed back (not really bending sideways like a push-up). Don’t let glutes stick up in the environment. Draw your own gaze to the front of the mat, relaxing the back of the actual neck, continuing to lift the chest ahead, lowering the shoulder blades to the peak of your bent elbows. Sustaining a long line of energy in the flexed heels, with the straight legs, engaging the core muscle tissue and raised sternum, lower your body all the way down or break the rules up the plank position. 

Downward Canine Knee-to-Nose

downward dog yoga


Photograph by Beth Bischoff
Downward Dog Knee-to-Nose

Downward Canine Knee-to-Nose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

The ability to move with grace and manage does not exclusively come from the hips, but the shrinkage of the abdominal muscles. By tugging the knee to nasal area from Downwards Dog, the core muscle tissue become engaged and allow the hips to pull more inward. Enhancing the flexibility for the sides via primary contraction can allow for more intimate movements. Contracting strong abdominal muscles ensures full thrusts instead of conducting a shallow motion. 

Do it: Begin in Downward Facing Dog. Breathe in, raise the right leg up, feet pointing towards the ground. As you lift you leg up, preserve squared hips (not letting the best hip increase with the correct leg). Breathing out, move the shoulder blades directly over the wrists, bend the leg and invite the knee towards the nasal area. On this motion, draw the belly up and in toward a curved spine. Inhale, being to straighten the actual knee as you pull the lower limb back and up, returning to the three-legged Downward Canine position. As you exhale, lower the leg to transition to Downward Canine. Repeat on the left allow. As you exhale, shift in order to plank together with your shoulders over the wrists and bend your knee towards the chest.


Cat Present & Cow Pose

cat cow pose


Photograph by Beth Bischoff
Cat Present & Cow Pose

Cat Pose & Cow Pose (Marjaryasana & Bitilasana)

Rhythmically undulating from Cow Pose in order to Cat Pose relaxes the low back and draws consciousness to pelvic motion. Breathing in on Cow Pose as well as exhaling in order to Cat Pose will encourage you to move your body utilizing full as well as completed breathing. Focus on the raising and scooping motions of the hips consequently help the hips explore a far more fluid range of motion, thus refining the art of pelvic motion. For women, this pose provides more concentrate and better control of the pelvic region.

Do it: Arrived at a natural table top position (hands and knees with a neutral, flat back). Palms are directly under the shoulders and legs are stylish distance aside. For Cow Present, inhale while you drop your own belly towards the mat and point the actual tailbone upwards towards the sky. Enhance the sternum upward and ahead. Flowing with an exhale to Cat Pose, dome the belly up and in, rounding the backbone, and details the tailbone towards the face. Relax the neck, allowing the head hand. Inhale, to Cow Pose, moving the tailbone skyward after that time the exhale return to Kitty Pose. 

Bound Position Pose

bound angle yoga pose


Photograph by Beth Bischoff
Bound Angle Pose

Bound Position Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Bound Angle Pose, or even Baddha Konasana, opens the hip flexors and stretches the muscles from the pelvis and inner upper thighs. Stiff pelvic muscles constrict bloodflow to the lower areas of the body, resulting in diminished sensation in addition to low sex drive. This pose promotes better circulation towards the pelvic region, enhancing sensitivity, and with increased blood circulation comes more intense arousal. Succinctly put, where the bloodstream flows, the energy flows.

Do it: Come to sit in your mat with both of your own legs extended in front of you. Make sure you are sitting high and grounded through your sits bones. With an exhale as well as bending the knees, pull your heels towards your genital bone. Let the knees drape to the attributes, pressing the soles from the feet with each other. Gently pull your heels close to your own pelvis with out straining your self. Place the hands of each hands to the tops of the ft, drawing your awareness to pressing the outside blades from the feet in to the mat. While you sit with an erect backbone with the neck knitting within toward each other, feel the base of the pelvis connect with the floor in a neutral position. Unwind the shoulders, grow longer in the side body. Do not try to force the knees down toward the ground, let the covers of the femurs (leg bones) naturally surrender to the floor. 

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