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Photograph courtesy of Viveca Jensen
5 No-Equipment Pilates & Boxing Moves

You've torched serious calories in a Pilates course and channeled your (not-so) internal rage in to power at a boxing session, but it finally might be time to merge the 2 together for a series of Piloxing workout routines. 

The workout, that was created by Swedish dancer and celebrity coach Viveca Jensen, fuses the two popular designs into a firming and strengthening session you are able to perform at home. 

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Ready to get started? Get a pair of weighted gloces—or go glove-less—and perform 10 to 20 reps of each physical exercise on each side. 

Balance Reach

balance and reach piloxing


Photograph courtesy of Viveca Jensen
Balance Reach

Start placement:
A: Balance on right lower-leg, reaching the left lower-leg out to the side and toes are coming in contact with the floor. Right arm is actually reaching up and left arm is actually reaching lower towards the ground. Core is engaged.

B: Contract the core to reposition the upper body to an upright position. Lift left leg out to the side. 

C: Mix the remaining leg at the rear of the right lower-leg and achieve with the right hand toward your left foot

Core Control

core control


Photograph thanks to Viveca Jensen
Core Manage

Start position:
A: Lunge with right lower-leg back, hands reaching out towards side.  

B: Push off with right leg as well as lean ahead in 45 degrees, hands reaching forward

C: Step into a side-squat, arms extended towards ceiling. Replicate from begin position.

Skate Box

skate box piloxing


Photograph courtesy of Viveca Jensen
Skate Container

Start position:
A: Stand up with feet parallel and arms in boxing safeguard position. 

B: Step right leg back traversing your remaining leg, turn torso, and jab with right arm in same direction as leg. Step back towards the starting placement. 

C: Step remaining leg back crossing your right lower-leg, rotate torso, and jab with left equip in the exact same direction because leg. 

Upper Cut, Leg Up

piloxing uppercut knee up


Photograph courtesy of Viveca Jensen
Upper Reduce, Knee Upward

Start position:
A: Remain with correct leg at the rear of you, arms in boxing guard, hands turned along with palms dealing with towards you.  

B: Pull-up the right leg, simultaneously higher cut along with left arm.  Return foot to the floor.

C: Execute upper cut along with right equip.

Hook This

hook it piloxing


Photograph courtesy of Viveca Jensen
Hook It

Start position:
A: Stand in punching guard position with ft parallel and core involved.

B: Contract core muscles as well as rotate the right leg, stylish and body to execute a punching hook using the right equip.

C: Return to safeguard position and repeat the move on the left side.

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