4 Strategies to Beat Self Doubt & Run a Faster Race | Rodale Wellness

By Dr. Jeff Brown
September 28, 2015

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Self-Doubt Strategy #2: Know the Warning Signs 
Anxiety, doubt, fear: all perfectly natural feelings, and perhaps even useful to a point. There are circumstances in which a healthy dosage of concern can be useful and even wise. Prior to the start of a race, for instance, a little bit of nervousness means your own adrenaline is actually flowing. However dwelling on negative feelings or even ignoring all of them can hold a person back. Watch for any sign your fears are impeding your progress. If so, practice a few mental strategies to conquer your own doubts. 

Definitely be turning over in positive affirmations. And use visualization to picture yourself conquering whatever has got you intimidated. For example, you don’t want to look poor having a lot of runners ability past a person in the final kick of the race, therefore use the last few minutes of every run to get the pace. This can teach you that you could indeed run faster, at least in short bursts. Maybe next time not too many athletes will pass you—and perhaps you will even move a few people yourself. 

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Self-Doubt Technique #3: Break the actual Ice 
If you’re afraid of doing something, just do this. What’s the worst that can happen? There’s a chance you aren’t as bad away as you believe. If you are, you’ve got a baseline for you to use, and with training you will get much better. Take baby steps. If like Schneider you think of your self as a long term slow stick, you might start integrating one or two short speed intervals into an otherwise ordinary operate. You will get a small taste of what running faster feels like. That’s something you may gradually build on. Perhaps you will never be Usain Bolt, but who is? You have to set your own sights on something that is realistic as well as achievable. 

Self-Doubt Strategy #4: Set Up Success 
If hitting a certain time for a 5K or just being able to complete a certain range is extremely intimidating, concentrate on improvements rather than total outcomes. It all is dependant on those best/great/good goals. You may not have the ability to turn in a PR in your next race, but maybe you can shave 10 seconds away your prior time. Or even you’re planning to complete a 10-mile distance but you just make it to mile eight— if it’utes a half-mile a lot more than last time, you have to give yourself credit score for performing better. Use your training time for you to work on creating confidence, each physically and emotionally; train your body as well as your brain for the goals you want.

Excerpted from Runner's World The Runner's Brain


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