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July Twenty-seven, 2015

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When you are looking at post-workout fueling, your goal is to get a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrate in order to protein with regard to post exercise nutrition (3 grams of carbohydrate for every 1 g protein) that maximizes replenishment of glycogen stores and helps repair muscle tissues. That means a 130-pound woman might consume approximately 88 gr of carbohydrates and 30 grams associated with protein within 30 minutes post-exercise.

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"Structuring meals [the right way] around your exercise routine will allow you to get the most bang for your fitness buck," says Nutritionist Amanda Foti of Selvera. "Studies have shown that consuming a high protein dinner within 1-3 hours after strength training will increase muscle protein synthesis, lean mass strength, and muscle cross-sectional area, aka bigger stronger, lean muscles."

Looking for the right post-workout foods? To not fret. Foti offers us her six go-to post-workout snacks that get in only the right amount associated with fuel with out weighing you down.

1. Tuna fish greens made with grape (1 processed serving Equals 25g protein)

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2. 3-egg and green spinach omelet (21g protein)

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3. 4-oz. grilled poultry and vegetable stir fry (20g protein)

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4. Grilled shrimp skewers with brown grain (24g protein per serving)

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5. Cottage cheese (One cup) as well as fresh fruits (24g protein)

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6. Protein pancakes (Combine One scoop proteins powder, 1/3 mug egg whites, 1/3 banana—blend together and cook just like a normal pancakes). (Depending on the natural powder used, roughly 20 in order to 25g protein per serving)

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In more of the rush? Since whey protein is rapidly broken down, resulting in a brief burst associated with amino acides into the blood stream, 100 percent whey protein powders can be an perfect post-workout grab. Key words: 100 percent pure whey protein powder. Rule of thumb? If you have a hard time pronouncing various ingredient titles on the label (like soy protein isolate, maltodextrin, or hydrogenated something) it's time for you to look out for an alternative option.


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