5 Things You Should Never Do Before You Work Out

By K. Aleisha Fetters
Might 21, 2015

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2. Chug More Than a Few Glasses of Water

It’s an hour before your workout, and you just realized you’ve drunk shockingly little so far on that day, so you down a bunch of drinking water. We’ve all done it. But when you drink too much, it might backfire. Your kidneys can process close to a litre of water an hour or so, so if you consume more than that, you could put yourself at risk of a rare however serious situation called hyponatremia, where the blood becomes diluted and the concentration of sodium ions drops too low, says Fear. Symptoms include a loss of energy, muscle weakness, and cramping, none of which make for a great workout. Around the more dangerous end of things, it can cause convulsions and coma.

Luckily, it’utes unlikely that you’re likely to down a two-liter bottle water before your workout, but Donavanik suggests capping your intake even lower: at to two to three glasses of water two to three hours before exercise — for the stomach’s benefit. “If you have the stomach full of water as well as you’re performing intense physical exercise like sprints, jumps, as well as inversions, you feel that water moving around in your stomach — and it’s super uncomfortable,” he says. “It can also cause you to cramp, feel nauseated, and possibly throw up.”

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3. Hit Up the Indian Food Buffet
“Eating a big, spicy dinner is a no-no if you don't want reflux or heartburn during your workout,” states Fear. It doesn't sound pretty: “Coupled with jostling around, a complete stomach increases the risk of acidic stomach contents contacting and irritating the inside of the esophagus as well as giving you that familiar acid reflux sensation,” she says. ?“Flow back can torpedo your workout by making it less comfy to work at the full strength, giving you the sour taste in your mouth or perhaps causing you enough pain to bring along it at the begining of.” ?

Plus, even if you in some way sidestep heartburn (lucky a person), you still may have cramping as well as reduced physical exercise function to deal with. “If you start to work out while your body continues to be digesting meals, the body now has to also shunt blood into the muscles being worked,” says Donavanik. “So now you aren’t getting enough blood supply for your stomach to assist properly digest your food, and you aren’t getting an adequate blood flow to your muscle tissue.” If you’re planning a powerful workout, steer clear of meat, ova, corn, and anything else that’utes hard for your stomach to break down within a couple hours associated with hitting the gym. Stick to lighter foods, like fresh fruit and carbohydrates, within a couple hours of the workout, he states. Bonus: Being that they are easily digestible, the body will actually be able to use them to help you power your exercise routine.

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4. Have Crazy, Wild Sex
“If two people are actually going at it, intercourse can be detrimental pre-workout because you’lso are expending a lot of energy,"  states Donavanik. "Not just that, however during sex, oxytocin is released, which kind of mellows you out and gives you individuals feel-good vibes. Therefore if you’re planning for a hardcore bootcamp workout, by pass the pre-workout intercourse.”

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5. Try to Contact Your Toes
Static stretching (think: flex and maintain) before a good work out is a no-go. “Whenever you work out, parts of your muscles need to agreement as intensely and powerfully as possible,” states Donavanik. “So when you put them in a stretched state beforehand, you restrict their ability to complete their work efficiently. It’s like you'lso are taking away their own tools for success.” For instance, in one study published in the Journal of Power and Fitness Research, people who fixed stretched before performing a deadlift reduced their strength by Eight.36 percent and lower-body stability by Twenty two.68 %, compared to those who performed dynamic stretches before getting their deadlift on.

This article originally appeared on Women's Health


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