5 Expert Tips to Ensure You Never Miss Another Workout

By Bill Phillips
June 9, 2015

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Check out these types of five motivational tricks that will make this too hard to skip a workout:

1. Use Clues. Pepper your day along with visual cues — sneakers through the front door in your own home, a gym bag inside your car — because reminders of the importance of exercise in your life. The greater closely a person associate working out with your identification, the more likely you are to do it daily, say U.S. as well as Canadian scientists.

2. Log This. People who report their progress to others or log their own fitness activity online for other people to see may stay with a training plan than people who have no such framework of accountability.

3. Make It Hurt … Your Wallet. A number of studies show that you’ll be more likely to visit the gym when you fork more than $5 for skipping it. Successful a container of money can create severe motivation, as well. Challenge your friends to a Workout War weight-loss competition with the champion taking the prize.

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4. Use the Buddy Program. Pick a workout companion who's within similar shape. In a study published within the journal Science, participants that exercised along with partners comparable in body mass index, age, level of fitness were a lot more than three times because likely to stick with their health and fitness plans as those with no workout companions or less compatible companions.

5. Celebrate Small Wins. Large goals can seem unachievable. Instead, concentrate on incremental wins for much better results, report scientists in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Adapted from The Better Man Project


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