11 Awkward Gym Moments Every Girl Has Endured

June Four, 2015

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2. Going for a Piece of Equipment at the Same Time because Someone Else
Then having to engage in the polite fight of that should go forward when you really just want to go for yourself. 

3. Obtaining Caught Scowling at a Grunter 
You were just trying to assess him silently; why'd he have to catch your eye?

4. Leaving the Sweaty Butt Mark around the Bench as well as Someone Seeing It Before you Wipe It Up 
1. Gross. 2. Why is your bum print so huge?!

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5. Having to Pick a Wedgie around the Treadmill
You knew you should've just put on a thong.

6. Someone with Terrible B.O. Taking the Machine Next To You
On the one hands, you can'capital t breathe, but on the other, a person don't desire to be super obvious by shifting down a few machines.

7. Realizing That the Horrible B.To. You Smell Is Coming of your stuff
Oh, God, what'utes that smell? Haven't individuals ever heard of deodorant? Oh…

8. Spilling Water upon Yourself When You Try to Have a Gulp on the Treadmill
In your own defense, you receive it inside your mouth about 50 % the time.

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9. Rotating Out on the Elliptical Once the Resistance Changes Between Times
One minute, you'lso are slowly trudging around and around. The next, your legs are rotating wildly from control—help!

10. Getting Embarrassing Sweat Marks That Look Distinctly Such as Something That'utes Not Sweat
Looking at you, crotch sweat.

11. Running into Someone A person Know 
Are we the only ones wishing that there was a universal hand signal with regard to, "Yes, we all know each other, however no, you don't have to approach me personally to make small talk whilst I'm on the elliptical just because we're in the same place at the same time"?

— This was originally written by Anna Borges for Women'utes Health. 

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