9 Expert Tips for Finding the Right Sports Bra

By Emily Abbate
May 29, 2015

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According to a Next year survey of ladies who ran the London Marathon, 75 percent reported that their bras had caused issues during the competition. The top two complaints had been chafing and straps digging into their shoulders. So the big question: how do you find a comfortable, encouraging bra that matches well? We caught up along with sports medicine doctor, Dr. The nike jordan Metzl, author associated with Dr. Jordan Metzl's Running Strong, with regard to his expert strategies for finding the right sports activities bra

1. Shop at a running shop, where you will find a variety of designs designed specifically with regard to running. 

2. Try on multiple brands. 

3. Take multiple sizes in to the dressing room for each design that you put on. If you think you’re a medium, grab a little and a large. Different styles and models match differently. Also, your body modifications as you get more mature, after having children, and then again when you are through menopause. 

4. The straps should lay flat and feel snug although not tight; these people shouldn’t slide along your shoulder or dig within. 

5. The band should fit snugger compared to band in your day-to-day bra — a band that is too free will cause chafing — but it should nevertheless feel comfortable around your chest. (Opt for something with full coverage and moderate support, like Lululemon'utes All Activity Bra.) 

6. The actual bra ought to fit smoothly across your chest; if you notice puckering or forming ridges . in the fabric, you may need to drop a size. 

7. Your breasts should be totally contained inside the bra. In the event that they’re popping out the sides or top, you probably need to go up a size. 

8. If everything looks great, jog in place and leap up and down to judge the bra’utes support and comfort. 

9. And you have heard these tips from me personally before: Don’t try anything new upon race day. You don’t want to be one of those London marathoners who endured the discomfort of a poor-fitting sports bra for mile after mile. Wear your brand-new bra in your long runs to make sure it’utes not likely to give you any problems upon race day time.

Adapted from Doctor. Jordan Metzl'utes Running Strong


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