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8 Unexpected Summer Picks From Your Favorite Fit Brands


June 10, 2015 1/9 Clockwise from pants left: Athleta, Adidas, Hehe?, Nike Let's come on: Athleisure is more popular right now compared to flash tattoos. Okay, so perhaps that's up for debate depending on your age. There's absolutely no arguing, although, that classic activewear brands from Nike and Adidas to Lululemon and Under Armour are taking risks with their summer ...

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6 Summer Exercise Safety Tips for Your Next Steamy Workout | Rodale Wellness


By Emily Abbate July 10, 2015 1/7 Photograph through Shutterstock 6 Summer Exercise Safety Strategies for Your Next Steamy Workout One of our favorite things about summer, apart from beach days and gentle serve, is that it's lastly nice sufficient to take your exercise routine outdoors. That is, until the heat as well as humidity kick in. With temperatures achieving into the ...

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The Best Summer Getaways for Fitness


By Alyssa Wells and David L'Heureux 03 25, 2011 1/10 Dave Silver If your workout experiences come vacation time, you’re not alone. But unless you’re injured or recovering, globetrotting is no reason for letting fitness fall off the chart. This list of travel destinations offers a variety of unique locales and activities that will broaden your own horizons as well ...

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Get Sexy Summer-Ready Legs like J.Lo


By Jen Ator and Jill Percia May 10, 2011 Sign up and get your own FREE Wellness Journal as our thanks! You may remove yourself from list at any time. Privacy Coverage | About Us Reverse Lunge in order to Front KickGunnar says: “This move focuses on your hamstrings as well as glutes while challenging your balance. It also supplies ...

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The Worst Summer Exercise Mistakes


By Emily Grams. W. Chau 06 10, This year 1/12 Thinkstock You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know come july 1st is going to be a hot one. Outdoor exercise is the perk of warmer days, but when temperatures skyrocket, you are at and the higher chances for lack of fluids, sunburn, and even chafing. But remaining safe ...

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Sun-Proof Your Summer Workout


By Hollis Templeton May Twenty-seven, 2011 1/10 Thinkstock Don’t spoil the disease-fighting, mood-boosting advantages of outdoor physical exercise with a care free attitude about sun damage as well as dehydration. According to the Skin Cancer Basis, five or even more sunburns (over the course of an eternity, not a solitary summer) dual your risk of melanoma, probably the most serious ...

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2011 Summer Running Shoe Guide


June 1, 2011 1/21 Thinkstock No shoe is perfect for each and every runner. That’s why we robotically pound as well as flex every new model at the RW Shoe Lab as well as solicit feedback from 350 real athletes; the results from our latest spherical of testing are on the slides such as the following. The shoes are organized ...

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