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7 Surprising Exercises You Can Do on a Stability Ball


By Alyssa Wells August 19, 2011 Sign up and obtain your Totally free Wellness Diary as our thanks! You might unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy | Regarding Us Trainer Tip: Draw your belly button toward the floor before raising your sides to ensure the back spine is aligned as well as stable. Get slim legs along with a tight ...

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12 Surprising Facts about Your Abs


By Alyssa Wells The fall of 10, This year 1/12 Blend Pictures No surprise here–the six-pack is a hot subject. It’s a expression searched for more than 1.2 million times a month on Google on your own. But there’s much more to your midsection than it’s six sexy segments. In fact, that six pack is actually made from one muscle ...

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